We know that the sustainability of our business and future of the fashion industry depends on investing in a sustainable supply chain. We are working hard at Veronika Maine to improve our processes to make way for a better fashion future.


Consciously crafted garments made from sustainable materials and responsible practices.
As a brand, we’ve always focussed on designing timeless pieces using quality fabrics that stand the test of time. Now we are taking a meaningful step forward on our sustainability journey.
We’re proud to introduce our Forward range, where every garment features a fabric or process that is certified by an internationally recognised standard. Having these certifications guarantees that our fabric choices are aligned with our sustainability goals.
Our Forward range is our commitment to prioritise sustainability alongside quality and longevity through the evolution of our design processes. We titled the range ‘Forward’ as a symbol of moving towards our goal of sustainable design practices. We will continue to expand this range each season.
Each Forward style features one or more of these responsible elements; recycled, responsibly sourced and organic.


Reduce our impact on the environment by re-purposing materials from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste.

Many of our fabrics are certified recycled by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. Find out more about the Global Recycled Standard.

Some of our fabrics are sourced from Waste2Wear®, who collect and recycle almost everything, from ocean plastics to old fridges. Find out more about Waste2Wear®


By certifying fabrics and their fibre origins, we can be confident that they've been sourced responsibly, with careful consideration for animals and the environment.

One of these fabrics is viscose, which is a regenerated cellulosic fibre, made from renewable sources. We have been making the transition to use viscose with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) accreditation, to ensure the responsible sourcing of our wood-based products from sustainably managed forests.

We also joined the Leather Working Group (LWG) in 2021 to support more sustainable leather manufacturing. Our membership is recognition of our commitment to improving environmental standards for the leather industry. Where we use leather products, our membership with LWG confirms that it has been sourced from audited suppliers.


Fibres and fabrics that carry organic certification have been farmed in a way that encourages natural processes by reducing harmful chemicals
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world leader for certifying organic fibres and textile processes, testing against detailed criterion which is both socially and environmentally responsible. Fibres that are certified organic with GOTS have been grown with non-GMO seedlings, without the use of synthetic pesticides or harmful substances. 
We believe that change is necessary to create a better future for our business, our planet, and everyone in it. We are not perfect and know there is a long way to go – we hope you will join us on our journey towards a better future.


We have a long history of collaborating with the world’s best textile mills. Many of which are based in Europe and have a long heritage of traditional textile manufacturing, now paired with modern technology and a focus on sustainability. 
These are some of our fabric suppliers:
Manteco are our largest supplier of woollen fabric, and also offer sustainable viscose and cotton fabrics. Manteco provide circular economic solutions to waste – predominately in the manufacturing of recycled wool. Through mechanical processes and without the use of any chemicals, Manteco extract the fibre from old garments/blankets and re-spin it into new yarn. Recycled wool supports the circular economy through the reduction of water, energy and CO2 emissions. Manteco were awarded with the Radical Green Prize by the Italian Prime Minister in 2018. 
Deveaux has been a family-owned company since its inception in 1830 and is proud to be officially recognised as a French Living Heritage company. We’ve been fortunate to work with the team for many years. We expanded the scope of Deveaux fabrics in our range in 2020 when Deveaux partnered with one of our key print studios. 
Can Tekstil 
Can Tekstil is one of our largest international fabric suppliers. Offering multiple sustainable and ethical initiatives, Can Tekstil is OEKO-TEX certified and produce qualities with Global Recycling Standard (GRS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified yarns. We are proud to offer Can Tekstil fabrics – to read more about their extensive sustainability policies visit Can Tekstil.


As part of the Cue Clothing Co. group we are the largest manufacturer of fashion in Australia. All of our Australian facilities are Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certified, which ensures the rights and safety of our local garment workers are protected. ECA work with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia to regularly audit manufacturers, in turn placing value on the incredible team behind the ‘seams’. 
The priority to manufacture garments locally, and ethically is ingrained in our brand. ECA work closely with our team to ensure our local manufacturers are regularly audited for indicators of modern exploitation and enable our workers to have a voice for their rights. 
We choose to manufacture as many styles as we can locally, however we are also proud to work with our trusted manufacturing partners offshore. Many of these partners have been an integral part of the Cue Clothing Co. family for over twenty years.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility policies set out our procedures to uphold standards across our supply chain in Australia and offshore. 
Our suppliers are required to observe our Code of Conduct and sign our Supplier Agreements. These documents ensure that our entire business is legally and socially compliant.  Most importantly, this compliance provides our customers with confidence in the styles they are purchasing.

We aim to conduct our business with transparency and respect for human rights by adhering to the Modern Slavery Act 2018, which promotes fair practices across our Head Office procedures, manufacturing, and sourcing.

To learn more about our supply chain, and the efforts we are making to ensure the safety of our people and the quality of our materials, please read our policies below:
We’re proud to manufacture with a select group of makers who each deliver specialty techniques to our range. The above map shows a breakdown of our manufacturing operations.  The female to male ration for these facility per country is: Australia 76% female 24% male, China 72% female 28% male and Vietnam 86% 14% male.


We’ve partnered with fellow Australian-owned brand, Hero Packaging to supply compostable/reusable packaging for our online orders. Each layer is made from certified compostable material designed for home composting.

Our garment shipments from our offshore manufacturers are now packaged in oxo-biodegradable poly bag packaging.


We regularly donate fabric and styles to disaster relief funds or domestic and international charities. Each season we donate surplus fabric to The Social Outfit who provide employment and training in clothing design, patternmaking and sewing for people from refugee and new migrant communities.

Garment donations are made regularly to key charity partners including Dress For Success, Thread Together, Wesley Mission, Youth Off The Streets and various international organisations.

We are proud to have supported several charities over the years, and are grateful for their incredible work and positive impact on Australian communities.  These include, St Vincent’s Hospital, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Legacy Australia, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Plates4Mates and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.