Code of Conduct

Supporting Australian business, our team, Suppliers and factory workers is important to us and an integral part of the Cue Clothing Co. philosophy. This Code of Conduct holds Cue Clothing Co. and our Suppliers accountable to upholding the best possible standards and is designed to protect our workers and employees. This Code of Conduct applies to best practises in Human, Animal and Environmental Rights with reference to Safe Working Conditions, providing Fair Wages, and undertaking due diligence to ensure best practises are always adhered to.

This Code of Conduct applies to all parties involved in any stage of production or supply of our products. We expect Suppliers to communicate and educate any sub-contractors used across any stage of production on our expectations and ensure adherence to the requirements of this Code of Conduct.

Since 1968 Cue Clothing Co. has been committed to supporting the Australian manufacturing industry by producing as many styles as we can locally in Australia while also working with our trusted manufacturing partners offshore. This Code of Conduct gives us a framework to abide by to build a better fashion future.


Ensuring our operations including our Supply Chain operates legally and ethically at all times is a key requirement of our Code of Conduct.  Suppliers must ensure at all times that they:

• Comply with all global laws and regulations;

• Do not engage in any form of bribery or corruption;

• Hold all required licences, registrations and permits to operate legally;

• Communicate to Cue Clothing Co. any potential breach or concern of this Code of Conduct as soon as they become aware of an issue.


Protecting workers and their rights is something Cue Clothing Co. takes very seriously.  We have set a number of expectations to protect workers and we expect Suppliers to also implement any additional measures which may offer greater protection to respect workers’ rights at all times.  Our expectations include:

 • Suppliers must ensure all workers involved in the manufacture of our products do not suffer any form of discrimination or harassment for any reason at any time;

• To protect against child labour, we align our expectations to the ILO Conventions which govern minimum working age (C138) and the elimination of the worst forms of child labour (C182) across our supply chain;

• Workers must be protected against all forms of modern slavery including forced labour.  Workers must be given the right to elect to undertake voluntary overtime and not be forced to work for any reason;

• Freedom of association and to collectively bargain must be permitted and where law prevents collective bargaining by workers, they must be allowed to participate in workers representative groups within the factory or workplace.  In the absence of these mechanisms, workers must be given an alternate mechanism to exercise their rights;

• Protection must be provided to workers during any global event such as a pandemic.  This includes to ensure workers are paid their legal entitlements and all labour law requirements are followed during any potential factory close downs as a result of outside concerns.  

At all times, the welfare and safety of the worker is paramount to protecting their human rights.  Cue Clothing Co. will not work with Suppliers or sub-contractors who do not have adequate protections in place to protect factory workers rights.


We expect Suppliers to be transparent with all information requested including sub-contractor information or production records and to ensure there is no use of any unauthorised factory or facility for the manufacture of our products at any time


We recognise we must take appropriate steps to protect the environment from any harm which may be caused by our products during manufacturing, consumer use and end of life.  At Cue Clothing Co., we support an approach that requires Suppliers and factories to meet all global environmental laws and requirements while encouraging our supplier partners to implement initiatives which work towards providing greater environmental protections.


We are constantly reviewing processes and substances used in the manufacture of our products.  Where we feel those substances or practices may cause harm to workers, consumers or the environment, we will introduce controls to reduce the harm which may be caused.  We expect our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors to adhere to all requirements regarding any restricted raw materials or practices used in the manufacture of our products at all times. 


Cue Clothing Co. is committed to ensuring workers receive all legal benefits and entitlements as set by local or national labour laws in the country of manufacture.  While meeting all legal wage requirements, we also encourage our Suppliers to pay all workers involved in any stage of the manufacturing processes of our products a fair wage (a wage that is higher than the legal minimum wage).  We expect that all hours worked (including overtime payments) are paid at the correct penalty rates for the hours worked and all social insurances and benefits required by law are paid to workers by the due date for wage payments.  Workers must receive a regular working income and be provided with a written pay slip which shows the calculation of their wage for the corresponding payment period.

Suppliers must ensure the hours worked by factory workers do not exceed the overtime limits in the country/region of manufacture and that workers receive one (1) day of rest in every seven (7) days worked.


Suppliers and factory management must ensure all locations and processes used in all manufacturing stages of our products are safe, meeting all local, national and international safety standards to protect workers during their employment.  We also encourage our supply chain partners to investigate and implement further initiatives which are above any minimum or legal standard which will further safeguard workers at all times. 


Any animal product used must be sourced as a by-product of another industry.  Where animal by-products are used in any part of our products, we expect that animals will be treated humanely, and that stress/pain is minimised at all times.  Wherever possible, Suppliers are asked to seek alternative products. Cue Clothing Co. do not allow the testing of finished products on animals for any reason.  


We recognise at times, the expectations within our Code of Conduct may go above local, national or international law or requirement for the country of manufacture however, we expect our Suppliers and factories to adhere to and exceed the expectations of this Code of Conduct at all times.

We will monitor and examine our Code of Conduct through factory and supplier audits to ensure constant adherence. We will undertake continuous evaluation of the principals outlined within this Code of Conduct in conjunction with our annual Modern Slavery Statement and Responsible Purchasing Policy. Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be investigated on a case-by-case basis and appropriate actions taken to resolve the issue including the possible removal of the Supplier as a Supplier to Cue Clothing Co.